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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Transformation Game provides a playful yet substantial approach to self-assessment and transformation. If offers a way of understanding and gracefully transforming the way you play your life. It looks at the kinds of experiences you create, how you react to them, and how you might change your responses to realise your highest potential and achieve your purposes in life.

Through playing The Transformation Game you can become more aware both of your personal strengths and of the limitations you place on yourself. It is a powerful interactive tool, offering a stimulating, supportive and informative group setting in which openness, cooperation and sharing are encouraged. It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights which can help you:

*    Clarify important personal issues.

*    Understand patterns of stress and change non-productive habits.

*    Uncover, explore and allow new possibilities in your life.

*    Resolve interpersonal conflicts.

*    Gain a greater emotional understanding of yourself and others.

*    Handle transitions — health, career, marriage or relationship changes.

*    Incorporate increased relaxation and peace of mind in everyday life.

*    Remove blocks to spontaneity, success and fulfilment.

You begin by choosing an individual Playing Focus. This provides the foundation for your Game. Then you fill your Personal Unconscious Envelope with a set of cards which indicate your strengths (Insights), challenges (Setbacks), and inner qualities (Angels).  Your personality marker then embarks on a Life Path, and you receive a red, Physical Level Scorecard. To move from this level requires the awakening of consciousness either through the acquisition of  Awareness and Heart Connections, or the assistance of         Angels. Once you have mastered the Physical Level and completed your red Scorecard, you move to the orange Emotional Level, then to the yellow Mental Level, and finally to the purple level which represents the Spiritual dimension. As you move up through the levels you are concurrently emptying cards from your Unconscious Envelope, and dealing with Pain. When you reach a point where you are free of Pain, have cleared all the cards from your Envelope, and have completed all four Scorecards, your Game is complete.

The facilitated Transformation Game workshop expands on the rules provided with each Transformation Game set. Each individual’s game, and the group’s interactive process, is deepened by the presence of a skilled guide, and enriched by creative feedback.

The Transformation  Game is a distillation of the Game of Life workshop developed at the Findhorn Foundation over 25 years ago, and one of the most popular workshops offered there.



Your Playing Focus provides the seed point which will be nourished and unfolded during your Transformation Game. Please prepare for the workshop by contemplating and clarifying exactly what you would like to receive from your interaction with the Game, and what you would like to give to the experience.

1)   What you would like to receive or achieve.  Choose one particular situation that you are currently dealing with in your life, one that you would like to resolve by playing the Game, or on which you would like creative insight. The Transformation Game can bring clarity, understanding and conscious awareness to the choice points you are facing. Please be specific. As you hold your Focus in mind while playing, the Game will speak directly to the issues it raises, and provide clear feedback on how your life can be transformed to reach your goal.

The Game will not predict your future, so please don’t ask for a Yes/No response. Here are some examples of Receiving Playing Focuses. You will, of course, create your own.

*    I intend to gain insight on how I might clear the stress associated with my job.

*    I intend to identify what steps I might take in my relationship to feel greater    satisfaction and happiness.

*    I intend to release those personality blocks that keep me from being creative.

*    I intend to determine how I might increase my financial prosperity.

2)   What you would like to give.  Look at the qualities you would like to share in this experience. They may be qualities you find easy to share, or qualities which are a stretch for you to give. Some examples of Giving Playing Focuses are:

*    I intend to give my full attention.

*    I intend to share my feelings and insights spontaneously.

*    I intend to give my unconditional love and honesty.

Both your Playing Focuses are very important. Choose them carefully, as they set the stage for all that will follow in your game. Put out only what you are really willing to receive and give.

Please come prepared with a clear, written statement of your Playing Focuses — and ready to play your part in allowing transformation to occur, with a sense of purpose, enthusiasm and expectancy!

If you have a small, special object (no larger than a small coin) that you would like to use as your personality Game marker, please bring it with you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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